Against Utopia – Now in Weekly Edition!

If you’re subscribed to my tinyletter, you may have noticed I haven’t sent anything out since the end of November. It turns out, writing about the history of depression and ways for us all to make progress against it without medical authorities is harder than I thought. The history is convoluted and complex, the concepts are murky, and the science is hard to deconvolute, but I’m almost done, and the letter should be out in the next week (though I promised the end of December – sorry!).

However, over on Twitter and Mastodon, I am constantly posting my thoughts on current events, good articles, new (and old) scientific research, and technology, from an epistemological anarchist perspective.

If you’re interested in reading more diverse content filtered through this lens, such as:
* Why every single Netflix documentary is bad
* What the hidden concept driving both blockchain and AI technology is, and what it predicts for our future
* How medical legibility killed thousands of women and ended the Women’s Health Initiative
* How decentralized forms of organization have fared against centralized forms historically, and why decentralized forms are the future (IMO)
* Which areas of science are rife for Kuhnian revolutions, and how

Then go over here and sign up.

Look for my first communication next week, 1/20/19 or thereabouts.