Hello, I’m Jahed. I went to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for a PhD and dropped out with an MS in Biophysics in 2009.

I played poker professionally for a few years which gave me an intuitive understanding of Bayesian probability and to some extent let me walk right into data science when I decided to come back to careerism.

Today, I’m a former biophysicist-turned-internet-poker-pro-turned-data-analyst-then-UX-designer-and-finally-product-manager.

I started writing this site as a newsletter focusing on specific political science, philosophy, and science movements, based around anarchism, knowledge, and power. I’m primarily interested in how bureaucracy emerges, how knowledge is objectified, shared, and transacted on in bureaucracies, and how the modern systematic bureaucracies we live in and interact with shape knowledge.

My first investigation is in the science of depression, and how it radically differs from the medical diagnosis and treatment of depression. One of the key ideas I draw on is James C. Scott’s legibility, the idea that people or groups of people in a position of power make their subjects legible to them for the purposes of exploitation of resources, via bureaucratic, modernist procedures.

I think this little idea explains a lot of the current situations facing world governments, particularly with respect to capital accumulation, ecological destruction, and the advent of AI and blockchain technologies.

So if you’re interested in how legibility applies to these various topics, and a theory of knowledge that divorces authority from justifications of knowledge materializes, tune in to my ramblings on epistemological anarchism.

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